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Incredibly Lush Western Mountain Trees деревья

Incredibly Lush Western Mountain Trees

Incredibly Lush Western Mountain Trees
Incredibly Lush Western Mountain Trees

Welcome to Ponderosa Country!

Here's a tree pack for Vue 6 from Incredibly Lush that's filled with trees based on the Scots Pine. In this pack, there are 9 beautiful evergreen and deciduous tree species enhanced with textures created from photos taken by Austin Lenahan on the West Coast of the North American Continent. You'll find evergreens in two versions, usually low and gnarled as seen in planes and valleys, as well as tall versions for your dense hill and mountain forest scenes. Deciduous trees come in their summer and colorful autumn versions.

Trees included in the pack are: the Balsam Poplar, Colorado Blue Spruce, Douglas Fir, False Cedar, Mountain Ash, Paper Birch, Ponderosa Pine, Quaking Aspen. You'll also find a Golden Western Tamarack (Western Larch), a Tamarack Forest EcoSystem and a bonus of several lovely winter trees, for a total of 26 vegetation files for Vue 6.

Please note: This pack is only available for Vue 6 and you must have Cornucopia3D's Scots Pine installed on your system for the trees to work.

All contents in this pack were created by Linda Daireaux and Austin Lenahan. This pack is Please note: EcoSystems will only work on versions of Vue with that feature.

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Ваще, у меня много деревьев для вуя... да и не только деревьев... lenka
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